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Mrs. Follis



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Course Description:

In this class, you will read and try many styles of prose and poetic pieces of literature including but not limited to: Haiku, Tanka, Diamante, song lyrics, free verse poetry, parody, descriptive writing, sonnet, memoir, and short fiction.  There will be an emphasis on the writing process, especially editing and publishing. 

You will be required to keep a journal which should help you when you cannot think of anything to write about.  Sometimes specific topics will be assigned and other times you will be able to write about anything, though example prompts will be provided.  The journal will be checked regularly for credit and you will be expected to have at least 3 half page entries each Friday.

Each rough draft will need to be typed and submitted to me via email to be added to the class blog and you will be required to comment with positive and negative feedback on at least three of your classmates’ work.    

For you final project, you will be expected to submit a portfolio filled with rough drafts, final copies, as well as major revisions.  It must be attractive and well organized.


*Responsibility: Be in your seat when the bell rings to start class and have your paper out for bellwork; tardies will be recorded. Always come to class prepared: bring your notebook, pen/pencil, and appropriate book(s) with you.  If you must return to your locker, you will take a tardy.


* Respect: You will be expected to maintain a respectful attitude toward both your peers and myself.  In this class, we will have the opportunity to have intriguing discussions and these discussions will require an environment safe from ridicule to realize this goal.

*Absences:  You will have one week to complete the work, and obtaining notes and assignments for classes missed is your responsibility.  If you have a scheduled absence, work is due upon your return.

*Grading: Grades will be given for classwork, homework, and projects.  Class participation is mandatory and will be factored into your grade.

*Late work:  Late work will not be accepted unless you have discussed it with me before it is due.  For assignments worth more than 25 points, you will lose one letter grade for each school day past the due date.

*The SCHS’s plagiarism policy is attached and must be returned signed by you and your parent/ guardian.   Whether intentional or otherwise, plagiarism cannot be tolerated and will result in a failing grade. 

Need to contact me? 

            Room # 111               Email:

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