Free Verse


To be a sheep is like selling your soul,

Be it because you’re stupid or because you’re just lazy

(It swallows your whole mind whole).

But it’s not that you’re out of contact with others,

You’re just out of contact with yourself

(From following you’re so called brothers).

Heed my word and don’t creep with the herd.

They’re headed for a cliff, so please turn around

(Even though to do so is also to be called absurd).

Because once you fall you ain’t got nowhere but down.

So break off, leave the pack,

(Otherwise you’re just gonna crumble and crack).

Think for yourself, don’t hate to be yourself

(Because one group does not represent one you).



Peace does not exist without anger, sadness, or violence.

Beautiful music is not appreciated without silence.

You cannot feel love without pain,

Nor can you have blood without rain.

But our bipolar planet is nothing to fret.

The choice of how you see it is purely within.

Choose to take the good with the bad,

Or only see the melancholy world that’ll make you sad.

Published on March 19, 2009 at 8:12 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. Me gusta poem number two. I like the strong symbolism and energy in both poems, though poem number 1 seems a little harsh.

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