Free Verse


It’s the beginning of the end,

As I drove on down the street

Outside my window life is moving fast.

The trees are blowing in the wind,

A mother’s playing with her child,

But inside the car time is standing still.

If everything I know is outside,

Then what is left for me,

Why am I driving further away?

Where is it I’m going?


Being D.D. seemed like a great idea.

You could hang out and take care of your friends.

But once you got to the party, everybody was having fun

All you could do is sit there… no drinks for you hun.


You couldn’t do it though, you weren’t strong enough,

You gave in and had a drink… after all, being 17 is tough.

One drink would have been fine; too bad you wanted more,

Once you started you couldn’t stop, you fumbled out the door.


You found your way to the car,

Stumbling along the way.

You put the keys in and took off,

You sped right away.


You never did see the tree, coming around the corner,

Once you saw it, you couldn’t react; you knew you were a goner.

You heard a loud thud, and you felt the impact.

Blood trickled down your face…

When the ambulance found you the next day they proclaimed you DOA.


Sometimes I sit and wonder, what you were thinking about that day.

Did you even think at all, or did you even care,

You left your family behind, and that doesn’t seem fair.

Your parents are a mess; your brother fell apart,

Your girlfriend dropped out, losing you broke her heart.


One night, one party, one drink, wasn’t worth losing a life.

Nobody can bring you back, no matter how hard they may try.

I hope you’re happy up in Heaven,

But we all miss you still down here.

We will never fully move on,

Mark, we will forever shed your tears.



Published on March 19, 2009 at 8:16 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. I really loved you second poem. It gave me goosebumbs, especially the line “one party, one life, one drink wasn’t worth loosing a life. The only thing I would suggest in both poems is making it flow better. Some of the breaks are necessary but sometimes it gets a little choppy. Great job though.

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