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The most vivid memory I have is a car wreck that impact my life. So far it has been the only wreck I have been in my entire life. First let me say a few things about my background of my childhood. Ever since I was a little kid my parents were employees at Cox hospital. My great aunt took care of my brothers, sister, and I.  She would color with us and she taught me how to speak my language. To this day, if it was not for her, would have never been able to speak, since my parents rarely speak to us in Tagalog.  When my family comes to visit our relatives and people who I do not know, my parents always mention to them that I am the only one who can speak. So I speak to them and they always seemed very impressed. This does not mean that my brothers and sister do not know how, they can very little, but all of us can understand it better than we can speak. Even though she has passed away, I thank God everyday that she was there to teach me.

            After my great aunt had left us, my parents were still working at Cox hospital, and decided to send my siblings and me to daycare. There was a daycare place associated with Cox, where Cox employees and only employees can send their kids there. I was about seven years old when I went there. The rooms in the daycare are divided into years of age. If someone was to go into the building, the first thing you would see is this big desk area. Looking straight ahead you would see a long hallway and on the right hand side there is a door that leads into this big room, the size of basketball court. The room is divided into two smaller rooms for four through twelve year olds. For four and five year olds, the daycare is considered their pre-kindergarten or preschool. So after they leave there they can go to kindergarten and they even have their own graduation! It is so cute to see them getting their caps and diplomas! I know this because my siblings went through it. Anyways, at the time since my youngest brother was younger than four years old, he was separated from me, my brother, and sister, while all of us were in the same room all the time. Everyday my brother would cry and his teacher didn’t have a clue what to do with. He was always shy and he would sit in a chair and just cry. Since I was the oldest in our family, his teacher would always come and get me to try and see if I can stop him from crying.

            During the summer, my siblings and I would always complain about going to the daycare during the summer. My dad quite working at the hospital, but my mom continued staying there. We would always complain because its gets tiring going there every day and you get bored easily especially if you are surrounded by younger kids all day. We got even more irritated when we had to wake up early on a Saturday morning to go because my mom had to work and my dad was out playing golf with his friends and couldn’t have us hanging around with him. Summers after that my mom finally quits her job there and my parents decided to open their own business in September of 1999.

During the school year, instead of the parents having to get out of work to come and get us, one of the teachers from the daycare would come and get us from school. They would also drive to two schools the first one was usually the one who got out earlier. Whoever picks us up would pick us up in a white bus or van. Well it doesn’t really look like a bus, but more like stretched van. The daycare owned several vans, but they are either green or white. On all of the vans though, on the passenger side where the door is to get into the van, there is a picture of children surrounded by a bluish-greenish background.

When my siblings were old enough to attend grade school, we all rode the van. The same teacher would pick us up and it was always usually noisy in the van. I mean several six and seven year olds can be so loud! So our teacher decided to give us a seating arrangement and I tried convincing him if I could have the seat behind the passenger seat, closest to the door because it was more convenient for me. I was always carrying to many things with me and I knew he would understand, plus I was the oldest kid.

            Sometime during the middle of April was when the accident occured. I remembered that day quite well. It was a nice sunny day and I was really exhausted from school. In the van that day there were six children my siblings, two first graders, and myself. Inside the van there was peace and quiet except for the fact that our teacher was talking on the phone. Since I was sitting in front and I was so out of it, I was hearing his conversation. I came to find that he was talking to his girlfriend and she had done something with this other guy. On our way to another school, he was arguing the whole time and sometimes she would hang up on him and he got very angry. We were driving towards South Campbell and I noticed that he was driving somewhat fast and he is mind was somewhere else. I heard a noise and in my intuition and  I got scared and I knew the only thing I could do was duck my head behind the passenger seat. So I did and the next thing I knew my hair was a mess, I saw smoke, our teacher was upset, my sister was injured, and I was really scared. I noticed that when we crashed there was a house on the left side. People who were living in the house came out and wondered what had happened. We got out of the van and the front side of the van had been crushed, like if you were to crush an aluminum can. We all stood in the garage of the house while we waited for the police and the ambulance. Then all of a sudden there was all these people coming. The boys did not seem as frighten as me and a first grade girl were. We tried comforting each other has best as we could. The director of the daycare had come to see what had happened. The police came and I had spoken to him about the accident since I was the oldest kid. I told him were everyone was seated and that sort of thing. Few minutes later another daycare van came so we could go to the daycare. Once we arrived there my parents were there waiting for me and my brothers. Sitting in the car, my dad found a knot in my brother’s head, so he went inside to report it. While I waited, I saw the teacher leave the daycare building with his arm all bandaged up and he was trying to call someone.

            Ever since that day, I have been scared to drive, although I was aware of being more responsible. Being at the daycare, it has brought me and my siblings closer together. We rarely fight and we know we can go to each other for anything. We never came back after that, but I will never forget that moment that I would hope to never have to experience again in my life.

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  1. Good premise for a story. It was very interesting to read. I think that if you made your ending more definite it would really improve it. I feel like it just kinda stopped. Also you have several grammatical errors that made it difficult to read. But all and all it was great. I especially enjoyed the description “crushed like an aluminum can”

  2. good story. however, i think that you loose track of what you are saying sometimes. perhaps if you described the accident in a clearer way. details are kind of all over the place- i would try to gather them up to make the story make a little more sense. otherwise this is a good story.

  3. This is a good story. It had to be a hard experience, and something that you will always remeber. However, there were a few spelling and wording errors. Also, you kind of jumped from place to place. You jumped from your great aunt to your daycare, and I wasn’t sure how those fit together. Besides those things, it was a really good story.

  4. Good descriptions and was fairly easy to understand. I would explain a little more about the language you were refering to in the first paragraph and where it orginated from, just explain a little more on your background maybe. A good story, none the less

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