Family Memoir

Family Memoir

            During the early 1990’s in the United States physical therapists were needed because there was not very much schooling at the time. During that time my mom took schooling and became a physical therapist but she was living in the Philippines. She could not just come into the United States because she was an immigrant. For immigrants it is a very long process in order to receive their U.S. citizenship. But in their desperate need, my mom’s work agency petitioned her to Texas, but she had to work in Texas for three months in order for her to apply for the State Board exam in order to receive her temporary license. For people who take the exam if their score is a national passing score, they can apply for other states without taking the exam again. This is what they call reciprocity.

            During their working visa, my mom applied for her green card so that she can permanently live in the U.S. In some cases, some people have to hire an immigration lawyer to process their papers, which usually costs a lot of money to do this. After my mom received her green card residence, she had to live in the United States for five consecutive years so she could receive her naturalized U.S. citizenship.

Once my mom was able to be in United States, she traveled to many places before she got married. When she got married, my dad was offered a job for a company in Joplin, Missouri. He later runs three clinics in Buffalo and Hermitage. My mom and my dad stayed and started working in Missouri. My parents had me and my sister and my mom could no longer travel places anymore. Two years later, my parents decided to move to Springfield because Buffalo and Hermitage was closer to Springfield than Joplin.

In 1999, the policy in Medicare changed. There was a cap for therapy visits for all physical, occupational, and speech therapy visits. The policy became very strict and it employees were allowed only a certain amount of money each year. There was also a change in administration and would not allow vacation time. In the end, my dad quit his job and with the new laws he did not know how hard it would be to find a job. So my parents decided to open a physical therapy business in September of that year. My mom has been a physical therapist for eight years and she likes her job because she likes helping people get better so they can physically get back to their normal lives.


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  1. I enjoyed the length of this story; short and sweet. There were a few punctuation and grammer errors. For example in the first sentence I would have added a comma after ‘United States.’ Just a few things like that could have improved the writing, but good job overall!

  2. i agree with the above comment- short and sweet. i would change some of the grammatical errors and also talk about some details such as their current lives but other than that this is a good story.

  3. This story has a great concept. I enjoyed reading it. Watch the tense you are speaking in. Switching between was and is got a little confusing.

  4. good and simple, it was easy to read, just a few grammar errors, like “He later runs three clinics in Buffalo and Hermitage.” turn “runs” into “ran” other than that it’s pretty much solid

  5. i enjoyed this story, and the fact that you didnt have to write a 5 page story to get the point out impressed me. there are a couple grammar errors, but other than that this story is nice!

  6. I enjoyed the story. Like everybody else said, it was a very good length and it was easy to read. You say the word but in a lot of sentences, so you might want to watch that. Good story though.

  7. Nice story! I need to point out that it should come from the point of view of the main character (your mother, in this case) rather than your own. Also, I would love to see more of the personalities of your parents in the story, so your audience feels more connected to the characters!

    Overall, great work!

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