Short Story – A Life Long Dream

A Life Long Dream

At some point in every young girl’s life, she dreams about what her wedding would look like, what kind of cake she wants and how it looks, or the details of her dress. You know what I mean. And possibly even the guy she will marry. By the way he looks his personality. As the years go by and when she gets older, she forgets about her wedding plans and moves on with her life.

Kalyn, a fourteen-year-old young girl, had a challenging life growing up. Her dad left her and her mom when she was three years old. Ever since then, she never seen or heard from her dad ever again. And her mom became her best friend. At the time when she was three, her mom was only an office assistant but she was also trying to receive her doctorate in physical therapy at the same time. Due to her with all her stress and problems she encountered with Kalyn’s dad, she never got the doctorate she wanted.

Kalyn and her mom did everything together. Kayln told her mom anything and everything. One thing that she could never ask her mom was if she ever thought about getting married again. She always wanted to experience having a dad since she barely remembers any of her childhood with him. But no matter how hard she tried asking her mom she just didn’t know how to approach her. She didn’t know how her reaction was going to or what she would say. But no how many times her thought came to her mind, her body, soul, and heart just couldn’t do it.

Four years later, Kayln grew more mature with her inner self, and was convinced to get a job. In applying for a job she knew that being surrounded by people would be a good idea, then maybe she could find a man for her mom. She decided go window-shopping to see if she would pass any help wanted signs. While she was shopping she happened to pass a sign by a business that was looking for a full time receptionist. She actually has never been inside the business before, so she decided to go in to see what she was up for. 

Once she walked in, it looked just like a doctor’s office. On each side of the walls there were pictures of the doctor and news articles. The lady at the front of the desk was puzzled when she saw me because she had never seen me before. She had ask the lady at the front desk about the sign outside and the lady told her there was a receptionist job opened. The lady happened to one of those people who talk on and on and on. She told her that she was leaving because she was going to college in the fall. She told her about her boss and how he was a really nice guy. The lady ended up introducing her to him. Kalyn’s first impression was the minute she saw him, she knew that he would be perfect for her mom and the only way her mom was ever going to meet him was if she got the job.

Before she left the business, she asked the lady if she could fill out an application. The lady told her she would have to first to send her resume in and have an interview with the boss. The next morning she went by the office again to drop off her resume and the lady was impressed that Kayln came back so fast. When she went entered inside she saw the boss standing and smiling at her. The lady at the front desk asked her what time and day would be best to come in for her interview, but instead got interrupted by her boss. “What about if we do it now, do you have time?” Smiling wryly, Kalyn said “yeah sure.”

            During the interview, Kalyn and the boss really clicked. The boss’s name was John, who was thirty years old, which as matter of fact, is the same age as her mom. She also found out that he was one single guy living on with his life especially with his passion: physical therapy. Instead of really talking about the job, they talked about Kalyn’s mom. John really seemed interested in her. Even though they really didn’t talk about the job, John gave her the job anyways. From the day he knew that she was good for the job because she would be someone who was good with dealing other people.

            A couple of months later Kalyn was working for John finally. Kayln liked her idea of answering the phones, scheduling patients, cleaning up, and even doing some laundry. Those were some of duties, but she didn’t care as long as she had time to talk to John about her mom. After the first day, she didn’t have, as much time as she thought she would, the office was actually rather busy.

            That she talked to her mom about her boss and told her everything she knew about him. All her mom could say was to her never to bring it up the thought about marrying that guy because nothing will change her mind. This issue brought tension between her and her mother’s relationship.  They didn’t speak to each for several months. During that time, Kalyn’s mom thought that she was being over dramatic, and finally understood Kalyn’s feelings towards another dad. So she decided to drop by her work place and give her a box of chocolates and some flowers.

Once her mom stepped into the therapy business, she went up and talked to Kalyn and told her how sorry she was for being such an unsupportive mother. John heard someone talking to Kayln and wondered who it was. He walked towards the front of the office and he couldn’t believe his eyes. He was so amazed that he didn’t know what to say to her. Kalyn’s mom looked up and saw him and was astonished. She didn’t know what to do other than to tell Kalyn that she was going to see her at home. Before she could walk out the door, John told her to wait. He walked towards her and asked her if she would like to go to dinner with him. She was so shocked that she didn’t know what to say other than to say yes. Kayln could not believe what was going was happening that very moment, the thought of actually having a dad, even though she was a teenager.

            Few years fly by, Kayln’s mom and John’s relationship could have never been better. Kayln’s mom never had thought she would ever meet a man that would replace her ex husband. That night, John had taken her to a picnic and on a balloon ride. On the ride, she felt like she was flying with the man of her dreams. But at the same time she was thinking about Kayln and what she wanted. Once they landed and before they started their picnic, John told her that the day he had met Kayln, he knew that Kayln had to be as sweet and caring as her mother. He proposed to her and all she could do was cry. All that time she was fussed about the divorce and didn’t really realize that there are more things in life that you would expect.

            In preparing for their marriage, Kayln was able to help her mom plan for everything. With all that planning in mind, she was hoping that the next wedding she plans out will one day be hers.

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  1. At times it was vague and hard to picture what was happening, maybe some more details would be helpful. The story was a good one and I really liked how you connected the first paragraph and the last to bring the whole story together. Good Job.

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