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It was summer and my family was driving up to Chicago, Illinois to visit my uncle and aunt and cousins.  I was 8 years old, my brother Cameron was 4, and Caroline was 2. It was a long drive to Chicago, but we’ve been on many road trips before so I’d gotten used to it.  Every year we usually try to do something with our families together, but sometimes it was hard since they lived so far away.  We had finally arrived after the 9 or 10 hour drive, we were all eager to get out of the car.  We got there greeted by my uncle Mike, my aunt Patty, and my cousins Beth and Paul. 

Both of my cousins were older than me, Beth was 2 years older, Paul was 1 year older.  When we got inside the house, they had an overwhelming amount of pets. There were between 4 and 6 dogs, and 3 cats.  It was astonishing to me that they were able to take care of a family and all their pets.  They had a really nice house, in a normal average neighborhood; they had a big backyard with a swing set and a jungle gym.

We were planning on staying there for about 4 days and 3 nights.  We didn’t do anything special over those first 2 days.  The 2nd night we were there I was sick, and I was up most of the night with my dad until I could fall asleep again. The 3rd day came, and we had something we were planning on doing, but we never actually got to it. Paul, Beth and I were outside on their jungle gym. There was a slide, two swings, and monkey bars that went over the two swings.  I had never actually tried the monkey bars before, but they didn’t look too hard to do.  Beth and Paul could both do it and they weren’t that much older than me, so I thought I’d try it. So I climbed the ladder up to the bars, grabbed on, and got off the ladder and started to make my way across. At first it was hard to get your hand from one bar to the next, as I went across I remember thinking this is too hard to be fun, so I made the decision I probably won’t try these again.  I was doing well and I got almost half way across, and my leg got stuck on the swing.  I couldn’t manage to get it off, I tried to get someone to help me but there weren’t close enough before it was too late. I was losing grip and after about a 15 second struggle period, I lost grip and fell off.

I fell in a really awkward position, after I was on the ground, my leg was still stuck in the swing, but what caught my attention was that my arm was stuck at a 90 degree angle, and it was stinging with pain. I didn’t hear or feel a “break” when I fell so I assumed I didn’t break it. By that time Paul and Beth had gotten there to help me, they walked me inside and I went to my parents. I wasn’t  crying because I didn’t know exactly what was going on yet, and the pain was bad, but not to that crying point, yet.  When I went to my mom, she knew just by looking at my arm, that it was broken. The first thing she did was call the hospital; she said everything was going to be okay.  She kept asking me to try and move my arm, and I remember telling her numerous times that I couldn’t.  My dad went out and got the car. My mom walked me to the car and we got in and left, assumingly to the hospital. Cameron and Caroline stayed at home.  From that point to when I was in the room waiting for surgery is all a blur to me. I finally got into our room and they took me to surgery. They got me in there, and there was the nicest lady in with me, talking to me. Even though I was having pain at the moment it was slowly fading as she told me to count to 10.  I only got to 5 before I was out.

I woke up in my hospital bed, I had a cast on my arm, they had somehow managed to get it out of the position it was in that I couldn’t manage to move.  I saw the T.V. was on, and my mom was in the room.  Soon after I woke up the nurse came in, and she gave me a tray of food. Surprisingly I wasn’t hungry, but I hadn’t eaten in a whole day, so I tried to eat some.  The nurse told me I had badly broken my arm at my elbow, and they had put two metal pins in my arm to heal the break.  I wasn’t too worried or scared because I wasn’t experiencing pain.  She said I had to wear my cast for about 6 weeks. My family only stayed in Chicago that day, and then we drove back to Springfield.  Once we got back, it was time for school to start. I had broken my left arm, and I was left-handed, so for 6 weeks of school I couldn’t write.  It was a lot harder than I imagined.  I also missed the whole season of baseball that year.  I had to shower with a plastic bag over my arm too, it was very difficult.  Every 2 weeks, I had to get my cast changed; aside from those things it didn’t change much of my everyday schedule.

            The 6 weeks were finally up, and the doctor gave me the Okay to take my cast off.  My mom cut it off, and I was shocked at how different my arm looked.  My forearm muscle was very small, my whole arm overall was smaller than my right arm, but thankfully I could bend my arm, pain free.  It only took but a few weeks for my arm to get back to strength.  I had two scars from the surgery, and to this day I have those scars, and still have the two metal pins in my arm. The only difference I have noticed is that my left arm is longer than my right arm, I don’t know why.  The whole experience is still very vivid in my mind, it’s one of my life experiences that I would not want to relive. I consider myself lucky that I am able to use my arm normally.  I have been able to still play sports, and play drums, without elbow pain.  What really surprised me was when I rethink back to the event, I don’t recall as much pain as I thought I would’ve had. which is why i consider myself lucky.

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  1. one grammar suggestion would be in the beginning of the story you use a lot of numbers- i would spell the numbers out rather than typing the actual numbers. however, this was a good story and very real. the ending could also be a bit stronger but i think that overall it is well written. just change those numbers! 🙂

  2. dude, cool. Its a great story, and I think it was really weoll put together

    I dont think you should say camnacious and caroline’s names, and I think you should TELL ME HOW YOU GOT THE SWEET FONT!!!, and i think you should go into more detail in certain olaces like the begining and end

  3. There are several grammatical errors and words that just don’t fit into the sentence very well. For example, The sentence “My mom walked me to the car and we got in and left, assumingly to the hospital.” doesn’t sit well with me. Well, the word assumingly is the only thing that really bothers me. You could say apparently, obviously, or you could just omit the word altogether. That style of writing is frequent in this story. it seems like it’s more of an effort to sound good than it is to adequately capture people’s attention. Write how you speak, except for filler words… leave those out. Include some emotion and more detail and it’ll be great!

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