Family Memoir

When I was married to my husband, we had a home in Lebanon with 13 acres. Most of our land consisted of nature; trees, weeds, grass. We only had two sheds and our house on the 13 acre land we owned, and Harold owned a body shop that was actually a couple hundred feet from the house. Next to the body shop was a pond, It might’ve only had about 20 fish in there, but we never ate any of them. it really was a beautiful scene, even though the house was not the biggest or the body shop wasnt the best, it added more to the vintage, natural feel of our home.Every summer I would have NAME, my grandson down to visit for a week. Most of the summers it would just be him, and sometimes, his brother Cameron and sister Caroline would come along too. Most of the summers consisted of the same events, but they never got old. We have done this ever since NAME was little, when he called us Neme and Pepa, which he still does to this day. We would both get up sort of early, and make pancakes for breakfast, then after that NAME and I would feed all the animals, we had 6 cats, and one dog. Throughout the years, some of the cats eventually passed away. Some days we would go down to Pepa’s body shop and watch him work on many different tasks. The only thing NAME could really do was sweep, so he swept everyday he was visiting. A lot of days I had small errands to run; NAME and I would go to town and do them. If we had nothing at home to do, we would drive around in the country, I would always encourage him to look out the windows at all times, and take in all the cool things the country setting had to offer, like the animals and the different colors of leaves, and the wierd ways all the trees would be shaped and aligned, NAME and i seemed to be the only people that payed attention to such detail to the outdoors. We would get back to the house around time to cook dinner, NAME would go into the living room and watch the news, sense we didn’t have cable, as I fixed dinner.


Soon after dinner was ready, Pepa came home from the body shop, and we all sat and ate together. On occasions, Pepa and NAME would go out near the forest by our acreage and look for worms to go fishing in our pond. We caught many fish, sometimes we could catch some of the catfish we had in our pond, but we always let them go. Sometimes during the fall and winter when we have extra firewood and brush, we would have a bonfire. When NAME came down during the fall, we would always rake leaves, because there were so many trees in our yard, it took a couple days to get it all done.
Pepa was big into cars, and we would travel all over the country taking out pink 60’s Chevy to the car shows. NAME grew a fascination for cars year by year, because that’s one of the few things he was exposed to while he visited us in Lebanon.
NAME and I went on walks all the time. All the houses that were near us had pretty good sized acreage per house, so it didn’t seem like much of a neighborhood. There was one house across the street from us, our friends house where they owned two horses and a couple dogs, NAME and I would always go over there and pet the horses, and talk to the neighbors.
But after a few years, due to complications, Harold and I got a divorce. He didn’t want to move to Springfield, but I did. I miss the old days with NAME in Lebanon, but everything has to change eventually. People have to go their own separate ways for good or worse, NAME and I are still pretty close without our 13 acre getaway.



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  1. I like the ending that ties the past to today and shows that families can remain close through the difficulties they face. I would like to see you work on proofreading and editing the piece. I also feel that it is not very cohesive,your audience may struggle to connect to the narrator and her family. Try including more details and draw out stronger characterization.

    Good job!

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