Free Verse

With This Pen  

I use this pen

I use this ink

To write

What a wonderful thing

With this pen do letters come

A note to a friend

Notes on a scale, and words to a song

Should I write a poem,

Or story, or book?

Should I write of a giant

Yell fe fi fo fum

Or of a teeny tiny person, the size of my thumb?

I could write of a romance or mystery or life

With this pen

Then I can write


What About Tomorrow?


Tomorrow is soon

It comes all so fast

What will I do when tomorrow is today?

Its seems I can’t get my head on straight

Seems some days I don’t even know my own name

I’m not sure where somewhere over the rainbow is

What my career will be or when I’ll have kids

So I’ll live in this moment, and try not to plan

Because I’m not sure what I will do when tomorrow is today




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