Free Verse

In the Space Left Behind


In the space left behind

It’s where I hid my mind

Break through the chains its easy to see

No matter how high the wall you’ll always see me

Build me up, tear me down

It’s doesn’t matter why I don’t make a sound

You know when to talk and I’ll listen to the words

That drip from your tongue like the wind

Take me to the space left behind

The place where you first lost me

The movement the sway

The ever changing and bright day

Moving never slowing down

And I’ll sing for you if you promise to listen

Tell when I need to go

Don’t looks around its starting to go down

I’ll stand here forever if you sit right here

And I’ll be there when you can’t speak

But now it’s my turn, I’m waiting for my turn

Just let me say what I know

But as I start to speak you say the one thing I could not show

And I’ll stand here forever, waiting





It’s all the same, every time we’re down

I’ll pick myself up, knowing I’ll be thrown around

People around will stop and stare

But you know I’m waiting for the world to be fair

I’ll look to the sky and hope to see

The hero, the one, who will save me


I’m waiting for the one to pick me up

For the one who is strong to change my luck

Only in the sky are birds and planes

But never my Superman to come in to save

Sit on the concrete and people pass by

Why are the saved and my life a lie?

This is it, I’m done, I won’t hold your hand

I’ll save myself and get a new plan


I was waiting for the one to pick me up

For the one who is strong and could change my luck

Once to the sky I looked to see fame

I’m done waiting for Superman, I’ll make my own save


Published on March 19, 2009 at 6:14 pm  Comments (1)  

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  1. I’m going to be honest, i didnt let one word sink in and i didn’t interpret any of the meaning to either of these poems. but they both had nice rhythm and i guess thats all that matters in freeverse, so good job!

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